The world’s first
digital handpan
designed for musicians

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Experience a new type of freedom in the handpan world,
and a standalone digital instrument for studio quality music


improved digital percussion

Our hit-, pressure-, and area-sensitive tone fields offer an extremely realistic handpan playing experience. NeoTone offers a fresh and unique sound quality, all for an uncompromised concert experience.


Discover digital tone-fields

With a patent pending position-detecting technology, the instrument is able to produce realistic sounds based on different
hit-positions, such as multiple tones of a simple hit, or overtones. The ding and dome area, shoulder tones, and even the clap sounds on the body can all be part of your music making.


Play with pressure

Sensing pressure allows for varied styles of playing, like staccato notes, muted notes, and especially the rhythmic sounds of the dome. And by reducing the pressure sensing, a new world will open up for children, who will be able to play this instrument with ease.

Product details


47cm diameter, comfortable body angle, and realistic tone field designs offer a smooth, seamless playing experience. Though NeoTone is something very fresh in its nature, it’s natural wooden body and unique handmade finish will make it feel like a traditional authentic instrument.

Professional sound design

The instrument stores the full unique sound set of 6 scales, which are suitable for all stage and studio works.

Plug and play

The instrument has an amplified headphone connector, line out, midi in/out, and two pedal connector for extensions.

Live and learn

We believe in continuous development, so our musicians will benefit from regular and free product updates via WiFi connection. It will be a breeze to stay up to date on the newest features, and additional scales and keep exploring all NeoTone has to offer.

Benefits of digital

The instrument comes with 6 full unique handpan scales (see below), which will be expanded in the future.

The line out quality is ready for the stage, studio, or any electronic music productions.

Silent mode to practice or compose, using the amplified headphone output.

Adjustable hit and pressure sensing, also allowing children to make their own handpan music.



line out, headphones, midi in/out, foot pedals


48kHz 32bit studio quality samples, 1300 samples per scale

Basic scales

B-Amara, C-Aegean, C# Pygmy, D-Kurd, F#2 Pygmy, G-Romanian Hijaz,
and later in 2023 we will release more scales and also the chromatic scale


built-in 7800mAh Li-Ion battery, with 8 hours battery life and USB charging

Size and weight

diameter: 47cm, height: 16cm, weight: 3.5kg


natural wooden body (various woods will be available), with pleasant touch semi-hard rubber tone-fields

Communication interfaces

WiFi for software- and scale updates

Owner's manual

View the latest user manual (pdf)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who made NEOTONE?

The NEOTONE came to life from a dream of two friends who wanted to make a digital handpan. It started as a love project and currently they research and develop in a small community every day, supported by a creative community of international handpan-makers.

I am a handpan player, is NEOTONE something for me?

If you are an authentic handpan player, who is in love with the healing sound and energy of the handpan, and use it for sound yourneys, meditations, playing acoustic love music on the sidewalk or at the campfire, then NEOTONE may just not be something for you.

Who is NEOTONE an ideal instrument for?

If you are a musician with a digital workstation, have electronic music concepts, and want to integrate the sound of the handpan into your own sets or bands, or, if you are working in a stage or studio environment, then NEOTONE was made just for you.

Can NEOTONE be purchased now?

The most important thing for us is that our team continues to be at the forefront of research and innovation in our space. Hence, we can currently only offer a strictly limited number of beta version instruments for pre-orders, which may require some time to be fulfilled.

What is the price of NEOTONE beta?

Reservations can be made for two different wood-materials, a natural ash model and an exclusive model of black walnut wood made with 100% organic processing. The technical parameters of the two design versions are the same.

The natural ash is €2350 + VAT + shipping.
The organic processed black walnut costs €2850 + VAT + shipping.

Do I need any other equipment or hardware for the NEOTONE to make sound?

Basically, NEOTONE is a standalone digital instrument with own sound engine that does not require a computer. However, it does not have speakers, it can be listened to through one of its audio outputs.

Is it possible to apply effects on its sound?

The current software version does not yet have built-in sound effects, but - as in the case of an electric guitar - you can connect many external effects and distortions to it.

What scales does NEOTONE sound on?

Currently, we have digitized the sound of 6 scales, which are all available on the instrument (B-Amara, C-Aegean, C# Pygmy, D-Kurd, F#2 Pygmy, G-Romanian Hijaz). We will continuously expand the instrument with new scales, which all our beta customers will receive for free. The software update happens automatically, once the instrument is connected to the internet via WiFi. For the most part, we digitized handpands of MAG Instruments, but the starter pack also includes one Yishama scale.

Can I put together a custom scale for myself?

Yes, but in this case the result may not be as integrated as the entire sound of an acoustic instrument. It is possible that disharmony will occur between certain sound samples if they are selected from scales of very different moods.

Does NEOTONE have speakers?

No. You can play it via the line out and headphone connectors. In order for the NEOTONE to sound beautifully, professional audio gear and speakers are recommended, which go beyond the resources and dimensions of the instrument.

Can I include body sounds in my play?

Yes. It sounds different in different areas of the body, similar to an acoustic instrument.

Can I use the NEOTONE as a MIDI keyboard / input-device?

Yes. You can use it as a midi keyboard (midi out) and as a midi device (midi input). You can assign midi notes separately to the tone-fields and to the body.

What kind of foot pedals can I connect to the NEOTONE?

There are 2 volume / expression pedal connection options, which you can assign to the various settings of the instrument via the interface.

Is the instrument portable and battery operated?

Yes, the battery lasts for about 8 hours of continuous play. Along with the instrument, you get a USB Type-C charger, which you also can use to charge while playing.